About Pro-Lift 24/7

On-site Forklift Training Provider

Multi Fork PositionerPro-Lift as an On-site Forklift Training Provider we offer a wide range of Bespoke Training Services for all types of Mechanical Handling Equipment currently used in the work-place today, we specialise in on site training and appreciate the necessity for Employers to ensure that they meet all of the Health & Safety Regulations and Requirements which govern how this equipment is Used & Managed in the work-place, but we also know a thing or two about PRODUCTIVITY – That’s why we offer a convenient unique 24Hr / 7 Day week service, day’s, night’s, week-end’s even bank holidays reducing any disruption to shift or work patterns.

The Advantages of On-Site Training

If its forklift training in Manchester or forklift training in Merseyside, on site training is the most cost effective and convenient way for employers to train their workforce, not only does it reduce the cost of training but employees who train on site have the added benefit of being trained on the actual equipment they will be using as part of their job, in the familiar surrounding’s of their own working environment.