Available Forklift Training Courses

  • Novice Training – for new operator’s with no previous experience.
  • Refresher Training – for existing experienced operators (documentation required).
  • Conversion Training – experienced operator’s going from one truck to another.
  • Familiarization Training – train your staff on new equipment.
  • Attachment Training – all attachments catered for.
  • Company Assessments – for new employees.
  • Root Cause Investigations – after an accident or incident.

Course Content and Subject Areas

  • Induction/Explanation and outline of Course.
  • Safety Regulations HASAWA, PUWER, LOLER and ACOP (including safety film).
  • Introduction to the workplace and equipment.
  • Pre-Operational Check.
  • Basic steering exercises in open / restricted areas, 90degree turns in a working aisle.
  • Safe use of Hydraulic Controls.
  • Lift Truck Stability (including safety film).
  • Stacking and De-stacking at three relevant levels from an industrial racking system.
  • Lift Truck Charging / Refuelling.
  • Battery Care and Maintenance (including safety film).
  • Chicane Test (forward and reverse, restricted, laden).
  • Associated Knowledge Theory Test.
  • Practical Test of Basic Operating Ability.
  • Certification (on successful completion).

Successful delegates on passing the tests will have confirmed their driving skills. Shown a good understanding of Health & Safety Guidelines regarding Lift Trucks. Demonstrated their Knowledge of Limitations and Capabilities of Fork Lift Trucks.

Course Requirements

Truck Type Operator Experience Training Requirement Max Ratio
Counterbalance/Reach Novice 5 Days 3.1.1
Counterbalance/Reach Experienced but Uncertificated 3 Days 3.1.1
VNA (man-up/down) Novice 5 Days 3.1.1
VNA (man-up/down) Experienced but Uncertificated 3 Days 3.1.1
Order Picker (all levels) Novice 5 Days 3.1.1
Order Picker (all levels) Experienced but Uncertificated 3 Days 3.1.1
Side Loader/Pivot Steer Novice 5 Days 3.1.1
Side Loader/Pivot Steer Experienced but Uncertificated 3 Days 3.1.1
Rough Terrain (tele/fixed) Novice 5 Days 3.1.1
Rough Terrain (tele/fixed) Experienced but Uncertificated 3 Days 3.1.1
Pedestrian (ride on) Novice 2 Days 3.1.1
Pedestrian (ride on) Experienced but Uncertificated 1 Day 3.1.1
Pedestrian (non ride on) Experienced and Novice 1 Day 3.1.1
Conversion to Reach Certificated on Counterbalance 2 Days 3.1.1
Conversion to Counterbalance Certificated on Reach 1 Day 3.1.1
Refresher and Re-testing Certificated on a Type 1 Day 3.1.1

The table above is the Guide to Training Course Requirements as set by Health & Safety Legislation it cannot be changed or amended.

Operator’s who claim to be experienced must provide Documentary Evidence / Certification of Adequate Basic Training within the previous three years or they will be treated as novices.

The maximum ratio Instructors can work to is 3.1.1 (3 delegates, 1 truck and 1 instructor).