The Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations – 5th December 1998.

Regulation 1 – Citation and Commencement.

1. Came into force 5 December 1998.
2. No lead-in period, effective immediately.
3. Revocation of Construction (LO) Regs ’61.
4. Covers all industries not just construction.
5. Covers all Lifting Equipment/Accessories.

Regulation 2 – Interpretation.

1. Lifting equipment (work equipment for lifting and lowering loads) includes:
Mobile Elevating Work Platforms ( MEWP).

NB: A load includes a person.

Regulation 4 – Strength and Stability.

1. Lifting Equipment (LE) of adequate strength and stability for each load.
2. Affects on stability: ground conditions, unstable loads, wind loading.
3. Improving stability: Suitable base, anchorage system, counterbalance weights, ballast, outriggers.

Regulation 5 – Lifting Persons.

1. Persons to be protected from injury.
2. Communications required (verbal may be adequate).
3. Self rescue equipment may be required.

Regulation 7 – Marking of MEWP’s.

1. Safe Working Load (SWL) marked on MEWP.

Regulation 8 – Organisation of Lifting Operations.

1. Operated by a competent person.
2. Contact with power lines.
3. Beware of:-
Contact with other work equipment/structures.
Trench work/excavations.
Other lifting operations in vicinity.
Overhead obstructions.
Underground services, drains, sewers.
Communication, evacuation in emergency.
4. Overloading: don’t use MEWP until SWL known.
5. Pre-Use Checks by operator to identify faults at start of each shift.

Regulation 9 – Thorough Examination and Inspection.

1. Before put into service for first time, unless Declaration of Conformity (not more than 12 months old) is received.
2. Every 6 months for MEWPs.
3. No MEWP to be used without physical evidence of thorough exam (F2530 as was).
4. Schedule 1 details of Thorough Examination.

Regulation 10 – Reports and Defects.

1. HSE notified of any defect which could result in imminent personal injury.
2. Report of Thorough Examination submitted to Employer within 28 days.
3. Any faults notified to Employer immediately.

Regulation 11 -Keeping of Information.

1. Reports of Examination of MEWP are kept until it ceases to be used by that person.
2. Inspections and Testing.
3. Weekly inspection, Competent person.
4. Competent Person (not operator) determines frequency of Testing, based on risk assessment, usage etc. Old requirement every 4 years.
5. Reports made available to HSE on request.